About Us

The Social Justice Center is a grassroots community movement which, through its programming and projects, confronts the roots and structures of oppression. The Social Justice Center is committed to building strong community activism to fight oppression by forming alliances and working in coalition with other groups.
Through the Social Justice Center we are working for a world in which conflicts are settled without war, and in which people treat each other with love, dignity and justice. We are striving to end the threat of extrajudicial killings by promoting adherence to judicial processes. We are working to stop the harmful Dandora dumpsite from further growth. We oppose the violation of human rights.
We stand for economic and environmental justice and are fighting for the rights of all people to adequate housing, employment, health care, food and other needs. We believe in the equal worth of all persons and are struggling against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, physical challenge (disability), age and religion. In our coming together, we strive to work in co-operative ways consistent with these beliefs and values. The center helps us work for progressive social change through mutual support and collective action.

Members of Dandora community Justice Centre at a meeting.